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I offer a free 30 minute chat.

Let’s see if I can help you with your health challenges and find balance in your life.

Done getting bitten up by frustration, overwhelm, and feeling “stuck”? Click “GET CLARITY” and let’s chat.


One on One Coaching

Entering into a coaching agreement is a big commitment. It takes a lot of courage and determination.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear. ” – Jack Canfield


    When I am your coach, you will

    •   get personalized nutrition suggestions based on your health challenges
    •   get better knowledge of what is exactly happening in your body
    •   have a clear roadmap to follow
    •   gain new set of tools to deal with stress and frustration
    •   learn how to deal with the mindset traps
    •   understand how to take care of yourself


    •   have a 30 minute Get Clarity session (free)
    •   get a Mapping Session ($175)
    •   sign a Coaching Contract to know what are yours and mine responsibilities
    •   have two 60 minute coaching sessions per month via video conference (no need to travel)
    •   receive session sum ups, handouts, and other necessary tools
    •   have full support in between the sessions via text or email
    •   get one bonus session to use if needed or give it as a gift to someone else


    It takes 3 months. I know, you are very busy but if you want to see any positive changes 3 months is the shortest time to do it.


    It is $1200 in full or $500 per month plus your time, your energy, and your commitment.

    Why not cheaper?
    You are committing yourself to a life change, it is a big investment and you want to have a person who will be able to help you when you get stuck, keep you motivated and hold you accountable.

    I am committed 100% to your goal. 
It takes two of us to create a powerful team. Your time and my time, your goals and vision and my insights and powerful questions.

    If you still think, it’s too much, I understand. 
You are probably not ready yet, It takes courage to change your life. Timing is everything.

    What others think about it?

    “I worked with Aneta privately. Our sessions were frequent over 6 months period. I was given the support in all the ways I needed. It’s not just knowledge and skills. It was a home for the development and beautiful relationships with different aspects of my life. It was one of the most impressive, encouraging and motivating coaching programs, I have taken.”

    Christina, Sales representative

    “Before starting this program, I just ate whatever was in front of me without much thought. I was an emotional eater and the more stress I had the more sugar I ate. Now, I put more thoughts into what I eat and how it affects me. I didn’t know that sugar is hidden in most processed food. This program helped me to read the labels, and understand my food better. I am more aware of my body and how I feel in relation to what I eat. I am very grateful for that!

    Suzy, Office manager

    How do you know if I am the right coach for you?

    Take my free 30 minute GET CLARITY Chat and see how it feels.

    When ready click below.