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The Mapping Session

90 Minutes Discovery with Me for Mapping Your Health

What can you expect?

    •  ┬ábeing asked a lot of questions to dig deeper to root causes
    •   having a journey back to the beginnings as far as you can remember
    •   getting clarity about your current state
    •   experiencing “aha” moments you never thought about
    •   formulating your wellness desires
    •   creating a rough draft of your roadmap to better health

    Why is it not free?

    Because free is taken lightly and I need your full attention and cooperation as you will be going into different areas of your life, going on the journey back to your past as back as the childhood, and providing me with all the information. We both together create your roadmap to health and point out the most important areas where big changes need to happen.

    What will you receive?

    •   a print out from the session in form of charts
    •   suggestions on the areas that need improvement
    •   getting clear vision for the next steps
    •   getting 2-3 simple action steps that can be incorporated right away