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I offer a free 30 minute chat.

Let’s see if I can help you with your health challenges and find balance in your life.

Done getting bitten up by frustration, overwhelm, and feeling “stuck”? Click “GET CLARITY” and let’s chat.


Find Your Zest for More Productive Life

by Having A Journey Within Your Own Body, Mind and Spirit

What is a health coaching?

    Coaching has got the same purpose regardless of the coaching specialty. An athlete needs a coach in order to win a competition, a manger needs a business coach in order to succeed in his career, someone who is struggling with relationships needs a relationship coach and someone who is having wellness problems needs a health coach.

    Coaching is transforming people’s mindset and changing the way of thinking and behaving.
    Creating healthy lifestyle is a key to welcoming zest: energy and happiness so you can have more fulfilled life.  

    Health coaching is not only about your health status but also what influences your health on daily basis. It is more than just providing a super diet.

    Holistic approach helps you to discover:

    •        who you are and what are your obstacles
    •        the root causes for your sicknesses
    •        your desires and whys needed to change
    •        thoughts, feelings and actions associated with those desires
    •        strategies and action plans that lead you to achieve their goals

    A coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience and self-directed learning on three different levels: body, mind and spirit.

    On BODY level – what comes into the body in form of nutrition, how a client is influenced by their lifestyle, habits, movement, social life, career, relationships, environment and creativity.

    On MIND level – what are the limiting beliefs and how they are physically manifesting. It is a time to pick up a new mindset, new thoughts in order to achieve the goals

    On SPIRIT level – understanding that we live in a vast universe and everything what we need is going to be provided to us. We need to treat obstacles as lessons to be learned in order to achieve the goals.

    Tell me about your health dreams so I can help you to dream bigger than you have ever dreamed before.

    How to start a coaching journey?
    1) Start with free Get Clarity session first to see if there is mutual understanding between us

    2) Go for the Mapping Session to get ideas what can be changed

    3) Work on your HOW at One-on-One Coaching, a big commitment for those who are ready to take charge of their health.

    4) Check other possibilities like private yoga and meditation sessions, group programs and online programs

    Do I have a specific goal when working with clients?
    After working for so many years with different clients, I realized that the main goal is usually to help them to still their mind and concentrate on connecting their body and spirit and make them talking. It is bringing an intuition into the picture so a client can feel what they desire and what are the obstacles. By that way it is easier to create a vision. It is a client’s vision and as a coach I am only guiding them to feel confident and comfortable with the goals and them easy achievable.

    What is a typical coaching session?
    I always have a plan what we might be doing but leave it up to the client where he wants to go. I start from finding out what new and good was happening with my client since our last session. This way he can see a progress and feel improvement. I share different resources, tools and assessments and we have a discussion about it. There is always homework like one or two things to do after each session. Those things are very simple and can be easily incorporated even into the busiest schedules.

    What are the most common things I help my clients with?
    I was told that as health coaches we attract clients that suffer from similar to us problems, so I see a lot of clients with digestive issues such as food sensitivities, bloating, gas, heartburn, slow digestion, constipation, just to mention a few, sinus problems, allergies, weight gain. Clients are seeing me because of their unbalanced life, too much stress, not enough sleep, feeling tired, or having some hormonal changes.

    They lost their flow and looking for a new dream, especially females that are entering a menopause. That’s the time for re-evaluation and new beginning. They need to look at their own body in a bit different way. Adjusting lifestyle seem to be a must and there is a big attention on self care as during this time a lot of small issues might pop up unexpectedly.

    What seems to be the biggest challenge for my clients?
    The biggest challenge seems to be understanding what works for them the best, what is right for their body, their constitution and their lifestyle. I always suggest to start with small changes and see how everything goes.

    Concept of Bio-Individuality

    Bio-Individuality means “There is no one-size-fits-all diet – each person is a unique individual with highly individualized nutritional requirements”

    The biggest question will be how do you know what are your individual requirements. There are so many different dietary suggestions and there is no easy way of choosing the one that suits you the most unless you are working with a health coach who can help you with that.

    A health coach will be able to perform an assessment and see where your requirements and preferences fall into. Everybody is different and even family members might have different recommendations depending on their own body reactions. Some of the family members might be more allergic to certain foods than others.