I’ve been recently asked to write something on contentment and it evoked a lot of different thoughts.

Santosha (the Sanskrit word of contentment) is divided into two parts: san, meaning completely or entirely, and tosha, meaning acceptance, satisfaction, and contentment. Santosha „contentment” is one of the key components to success on the path of self-realization.

Contentment is the state of mind. Change in your life is inevitable but you can control how you react to that. It is accepting and appreciating everything that comes even if it is not pleasant. Everything in your life is happening for a reason so when you look at that from this perspective you would appreciate the lessons you need to learn.

It is not easy to feel content as by human nature you are urged to acquire more than you need: a bigger house, a better car, more money, a fabulous career, etc. You might be constantly looking for something else and do not appreciate what you already have. Contentment is to feel happy with what you have.

Contentment is also accepting yourself for who you are. Everyone is different and comes with unique skills. Contentment comes from within with full acceptance of your unique skills and talents as well as your limitations.

You should feel content as life brings ups and downs and you will find your strengths from within. Think about karma – energy sent will come back in the same form as sent. If you send lots of positive energy (contentment) you will get a lot of positive energy back into your life. That creates a good flow – good karma.

Contentment equals balance. When you are balanced, everything flows naturally and you can experience serendipity on regular basis.

So the question is: how you can balance yourself? Some people try so hard but the balance is not happening.

Balance comes from the inside. It is letting your intuition to take lead over your mind. You need to surrender and let Universe lead you. You need to accept whatever is happening in your life as everything is happening for a reason. Anything and anybody that comes to you is your teacher. Be an observer and learn your lessons. Have the open mind and allow to be led by your intuition.

The following will help you to get more into your intuitive side and be in flow:

1) morning meditation – calms your mind, lets you make better decisions and helps you to see things with more clarity

2) affirmations – help to build your trust in yourself, self-confidence

3) mantras – open the energy flow through your body and uplifts your spirit

3) gratitude journal – by writing down gratitudes for what had happened, you are paying attention to your life and noticing when there is an alignment

4) smile – brightens your and other people’ day

During my lunch break, I walk or sit in meditation to destress myself and get a better perspective on what’s happening around me. By this small practice, I am able to see a lot of good things around and feel contentment.