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I offer a free 30 minute chat.

Let’s see if I can help you with your health challenges and find balance in your life.

Done getting bitten up by frustration, overwhelm, and feeling “stuck”? Click “GET CLARITY” and let’s chat.

    My coaching is for everyone who is READY for a change and willing to try something new. With this attitude, it is easy to set up a plan of action and go deeper to reveal and release any obstacles that are stopping you from becoming healthier.

    You will need to do the work on all three levels,
    as one without others cannot exist.

    Think also about
    That’s what this coaching is based on.
    Any change can be challenging but worth it. Creating a new lifestyle and seeing great results is exciting.

    “Aneta’s passion, wisdom, and dedication are inspiring. I was at the crossroads in my life and truly needed somebody to lead me through it. I met Aneta by accident, although I do not believe in accidents. Aneta’s in-depth knowledge, support and commitment to be of service to me was unparalleled. She guided me through my ups and downs and helped me to create a life that sustains and supports me in being the woman I am.

    Valerie, business owner

    “After retiring about a year ago, I went on “vacation” mode. Although I got lots of exercise in my favorite sports, I was in a party mode and eating more snacks and social drinking. I gained weight. I decided I wanted to lose the weight and did make some changes on my own, but over time, my weight plateaued.

    With Aneta’s help I was able to identify my blood sugar fluctuations, look at problematic eating patterns more objectively and accelerate my weight loss. In addition, my joint pain and bloating went away. I am less sluggish in the morning and in general look and feel better.

    I really liked having a plan and the coaching to get past my resistance to change some of my unhealthy habits. This, along with being able to check-in, made me feel committed. I loved that I received detailed well-organized handouts, along with the webinars, and be able to interact with other participants. I received positive reinforcement, which is different than plans I have been on in the past, and that worked very well for me.”

    Charity, retired